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Tenorite with Chrysocolla

CuO  -  04.AB.10 (Strunz)
(from Sagasca Mine, Chile)

Here we have a Zebra specimen, black Tenorite in a cyan Chrysocolla matrix. Tenorite is a copper oxide mineral, also known as black copper. Has a earthy luster and sometimes has a steel gray color. This two minerals intergrown together, This happens only in hydrothermal deposits with volcanic sublimate. This is a Copper Pitch Ore like a mixture of Chrysocolla, Goethite, Malachite, Tenorite, Wad, but this has mean Chrysocolla and Tenorite.

OC does not automatically equal Mary-Sue.
OC does not automatically equal Mary-Sue.



Why Declawing is a Bad Idea (An 1-minute guide)

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(( *pat pat* You’re a good one. You write well. You’re definitely high-quality, no matter what.

//[ignores goodnight post for a moment] It’s not really quality I’m worried about or how well I write(which depends on the day really), it’s just interest in the character. I tend to make muses only I’m interested in but as long as at least one person plays with them consistently and likes them I’m happy because I’m super easy to please like that.

There are blogs with much more intricate plots and muses and tie ins and timelines involving multiple muses that people really enjoy and it is really cool, this just isn’t that type of blog no matter how much I want it to be. There’s a certain type of mun personality that generates that type of interest, same as irl, and much like irl I don’t have that personality type, so. I’m a small(like, micro) community person and that’s probably all I’ll ever be, and that’s okay with me.

I’m taking this rose quartz to bed with me, it will be in my pajama pants pocket and Ben can’t stop me. I’m also going to write the Laguz rune on my arm with a magic marker and maybe make a sigil for inner peace.

Good night Pine Cliff.

Wow look at me rose quartz wearing pos

Never thought rose quartz would be a stone I felt like I needed to wear but here I am having low self-esteem again

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